Crypto Executives Club
Connecting the game changers of the Decentralized World
CRYPTO EXECUTIVES CLUB IS a networking group of 1700+ C-Level Executives and Co-founders from the crypto space
— Founder of the Crypto Executives community 1700 C-level executives
— Founder of Daofund VC & Accelerator
— Co-Founder and CBDO of EYWA Crosschain Protocol
— 15 years experience in Corporate Oil & Gas Exxon, BP etc
— Harvard Business School Executive Education
— Founder Harvard Alumni Crypto Club
— MBA from WBS (UK). MSc Engineering
— Advising 10+ Projects
— Speaker on Multiple conferences worldwide
Founding Members
The Founder
Faraj Abutalibov
Buddy program to increase accountability for achieving targets.
Annual International CE Summit – members will be invited to join two-day meet-ups with speakers, fun activities, and offline networking.
CE Summits
Community building for
member's projects through Partner First Crypto club (50k international Retail users planned) and Speakership /Mentorship/ Advisory opportunities for CE members.
First Crypto Club access
Discounts and Speakership opportunities at partner conferences.
Facilitated growth groups (7s)
Team growth
Internal pitching events and with Invited VCs from the CE network
Pitching events
Internal Investment Fund with exclusive deals from Tier-1 partners.
Join groups of 6-10 Members to share ideas, solve problems, provide support, and develop lasting relationships;
Private dinners with Speakers from CE Elite or top Protocols
Private dinners
Regular offline and online events hosted by CE and partners.
Relationship manager and Priority connection to members/companies from the CE community. Essential for networking and business development.
Community managers
Special prices/deals for services from CEC Partners (Audits, Marketing, MM, Development etc.)
Partner's discounts
Separate TG group for Club members and different sub-groups for Trading / Dealflow / Lifestyle / Meetups / Suggestions / Sports /
TG groups
Becoming a Member of a closed and exclusive club. The access will get tighter, and entry barriers will be raised regularly.
Closed community
Member's benefits
In the Roadmap
We have huge plans for Benefits Expansion
Partnerships with Crypto Associations for effective communication with regulators and licensing
4. Associations
Partnerships with other Crypto Clubs: Global Crypto club London
3. Partnerships
Forums with CE members as Speakers
Mobile App for members with Geo Location for meetups
2. App
  1. Own Conferences
Q2 2023
5. WEB 2 Partnerships
CE Travel — Retreats and Travel with Club members
7. CE Travel
Partnerships and Projects with Web2 Companies
Each Major Conference
to have a side CE Event
6. Side Events
Q3 2023
9. Club House
Internal Accelerator & Incubator program
12. Acceleration programs
CE Yacht Club NFT collection
11. NFT Collection
Regional CE Chapters
10. Regional Chapters
Q4 2023
Crypto Executives Club House in Dubai where members can meet, attend special events, work & enjoy a drink.
8 000 USDC
Per year
Joining fee
2 000 USDC
2 000 USDC
Pre-order to secure
a membership spot
Prepayment for 3 first Months
Including 20% discount for first 40 members
10 000 USDC
Per year
Joining fee
2 000 USDC
For 40 first members